This poem is about an overly optimistic soul seeking her other half.

She is on the edge of loneliness and can't wait for the day when she will meet her soulmate.

We are pieces of one star.

One day, there was an explosion in the skies.

Our particles disintegrated and flew separate ways.

We lived.

Together, but not together

We were born on earth

I was born in 1987

You were probably still in heaven

Three years passed.

You were born a star

I've become a reckless muse

We didn’t know.

However, we were synchronised by this energy flow…

Walking separate ways, yet meeting through the waves.


I can feel you

You can feel me

Through the wind, we are in sync.

I see you in each body of similar stars

You see me in every muse from afar

Not so sure.

Maybe we’ve met, but didn’t connect

Maybe we were tired of karmic stars, so we could not see what we truly are.

I wonder what lessons should we still learn to become the person we were supposed to grow.

My other half.

I'm not like you.

But I am you.

My paradox.

I love you

I hope you can find me soon.

This poem was inspired by this Illustration of - a multi-disciplinary artist, and illustrator based in Los Angeles. I recently discovered his work and instantly fell in love. It's mind-blowing how James explores the idea of the soul and human connection through traditional printmaking and new digital media. Go check his work!

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