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I Was Bored, So I Wrote My LinkedIn Bio As a Movie Synopsis. And That's What Happened...

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

March 2021: Brazil marks more than 3,000 daily Covid-19 deaths. The country struggles to contain a surge of cases which is pushing many hospitals to breaking point. State governors try to force a lockdown, but dumb rich people protest for their right to die and accelerate their employees’ deaths.

Given this scenario, I witness myself isolated and stuck on a boring loop of work-study routine inside the little cage I call home.

Wake-up at 7 AM, take a quick look at social media profiles, prepare breakfast, sit on the work-desk, eat breakfast while checking your schedule, start to work, finish at 5 PM, work out in the living room, shower, sit on the work desk again to study for your MBA, go to sleep at 10 PM. Start all over again. AAAH -- You get the picture, right? 😫

As usual, I see writing as a subterfuge to crawl out of boredom. The problem is that when I write, I become a monster thirsty for creative freedom. Everything in my life becomes a target of my imagination. Entire worlds are disrupted, society's regulations are erased, and new beginnings are created. Nothing escapes the monster; anything can change.

So, the inevitable happens. I no longer was happy with the way I presented myself on LinkedIn. Why list my professional experience when I can tell a story about my professional journey instead?

  • I’m the hero of my own story. - I said to myself.

  • I can do whatever I want and deal with the consequences later.

It took me two seconds of pondering to convince myself to tell a story through my LinkedIn profile. Rewrite my entire profile to narrate my professional journey so far. At that moment, this seemed like a great idea.

- I’m not looking for work, so nobody will notice it. I thought.

OOOH, I was so wrong! 😱

LinkedIn is an underrated social media. The platform is the world's largest professional network site with 722 million members spread over 200 countries (Source: Hootsuite). The only way of not getting noticed on the platform is if you leave your profile completely empty.

I had tons of fun writing my bio. I was willing to risk my career just for a few minutes of zoning out while typing and laughing, imagining the faces of recruiters or potential clients reading my profile and wondering about my mental state. 😂

I threw all the rules about writing a great professional profile out. The only rule I followed: Have fun telling your truth! Which I did.

To my surprise and despair, people actually liked how fresh and different my profile looks. I got a few messages from recruiters interested in knowing more about me (What? I'm nobody). Curious people flocked my inbox, feeding the monster with ideas: You should write the continuation of the story! (what continuation? The continuation is my boring quarantined life!), your bio got me hooked and wishing for closure (closure? Are you serious?!).

The moral of this story is that I guess many people are bored, looking for something new to light up their life. 😔

Now I’m wondering if, in reality, this was an unconscious attempt of self-sabotage. Who knows?! The reality is that as the Brazilian current president proves his inability to manage the spread of coronavirus, in isolation, the monster gets bigger and bigger.

She no longer wants to disrupt only my world. She is out now, thirsty for more worlds to deconstruct. Would you allow her to reimagine your universe? 😷

About the Author: Hey, I’m Leila Souza. Just a mixed-AF Gemini kid that does Marketing for a living and tells stories to not die. A hopeless optimist who believes in sustainable wealth creation. The truth is -- I am just human. 🤷 When I’m not working, I make fun of Brazilian politics and reimagine current movies and TV shows on my YouTube channel. BTW, my channel is in Portuguese, so don’t subscribe, but check it out! 😉

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