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Digital Marketing Funnel Strategy for a Solar Panel Company

I was hired in August 2018 to create a digital marketing funnel strategy for a solar panel and electrician company from Sydney. This is the summary of how I helped them increase sales by implementing a marketing funnel focused on making it easier for customers to find and contact them online.

Table of Content

  1. Client's Goal

  2. Challenge

  3. Solution

  4. Work Done

  5. Results

  6. Client Testimonial

Client's Goal

The client approached me with a task to implement a marketing funnel to help the company reach new clients online and consequently increase sales.

Client website: www.energyculture.com.au


The company offers electrician services and solar panels design & installation. The market research pointed out that people searching for electricians in Sydney were 90% of the time in an emergency. However, people searching for solar panels are driven by the possibility of reducing current electricity bills and acting as a hedge against further potential price rises.

My challenge was to come up with a strategy to attract leads for both services.

After auditing the business' digital marketing assets I noticed a few problems that could interfere with the success of the project.

The website was a bit outdated with an average of 23 visitors per month with 85.8% bounce rate, no need to say that the lead acquisition rate was low.

Also, the company didn't offer a clear and intuitive customer experience across every touchpoint.


The solution proposed was to redesign the website with a focus to make the conversion path clear, to optimise the web content for search engines, and use marketing automation for emails follow-ups and remarketing.

Since the company' sales happen offline, my main strategy stemmed from the idea of making it easier for people to find and contact the company online.

Work Done

  • A New user-friendly website launched in January 2019, which was upgraded again in September 2020 to implement a more minimalistic and clean design.

  • Successful SEO implementation in all pages.

  • Successful implementation of a brand awareness strategy.


The company website now gets an average of 237 monthly active users with a conversion rate of 8%; the number of sessions increased by 75.44%, and the bounce rate decreased by -31.97%.

Since March 2020

75% of our leads come from organic local search.

We only use paid ads nowadays for seasonal campaigns and retargeting.

The company jumped 15% in revenue growth after 6 months of implementation. In 2020 the company saw 54% revenue growth compared to 2019.

Client Testimonial on Upwork

"Great communication, attention to detail and overall a great asset to our team. Leila is without a doubt more than capable of helping you grow your business. Thanks Leila."

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