Content Marketing: Creating Educational Content to Help People Make Informed Decisions to Buy

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Content marketing is the pillar of a successful digital strategy. If you want to elevate your brand, you need to focus on what your audience cares about. Thus, content marketing is the key to help you become an authoritative resource on topics that matter to people and aligns with your brand’s purpose. Content marketing aims not to sell, but to educate, help, and engage with your audience.

In this project, I helped a solar electrician company based in Northern Beaches of Sydney become a local resource for solar panel and electrician services. Our content marketing objective is only one: to help potential customers make well-informed decisions to buy. Therefore, all our content is created to educate. Below you can find samples of content I created for this project.



Blog Posts




Title: The Definitive Guide to Solar Energy - Everything You Need to Know Before Adopting Solar

Keyword: Solar Energy

Meta-description: Explore solar energy below the surface. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about adopting solar power.

Blurb: Over the past 5 years, the cost of installing a solar system has decreased alongside major improvements in technical efficiencies; thus, many Australians are considering adopting solar energy. In fact, two million Australian homes now have solar.

Although this is a remarkable achievement, coal still accounts for 35% of primary energy consumption. Moreover, fossil fuels impact the environment, but researchers have proven that combustion can also cause a variety of illnesses.

The fact is that adopting renewable sources of energy goes beyond just preserving the environment for future generations; it is about saving ourselves presently. The tendency is to see only climate change and global warming as consequences of polluting the environment; however, our health is directly affected by pollution and changes in the climate.

Many Aussies are not waiting for government actions and are adopting solar panels to save energy and reduce their environmental impact. This is why we created this guide to walk you through the important information about solar energy.


Title: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Electrician Services in Sydney

Keyword: Electrician services

Meta-description: Explore all the information you need to hire a local electrician in Sydney. The ultimate guide to hiring electrician services in Sydney has all the information you need to hire an electrician in Sydney confidently.

Blurb: Electricity is one of the most important attributes in our lives. It’s impossible to imagine a life without our electrical appliances and the comfortable living that electricity allows us to have.

There are a variety of electrical services available. Wiring installations and repair are the most common, but you can also hire an electrician if you need to replace your lights, timely inspection, and upgrade your electrical panel. In this guide, you’ll get an overview of all types of electrical services and how to hire a reliable electrician in Sydney.


Blog Posts

Title: What Zero-Waste Has To Do With The Solar Panels' Life Cycle?

Keywords: Solar Panels, solar e-waste

Meta-description: What Zero-Waste Has To Do With The Solar Panels' Life Cycle? Click here to read the answer.

Blurb: We currently live in a linear economy where we take resources from the earth and dump them back into landfills. The goal of zero waste is to move to a circular economy where we eliminate the trash. The idea of the circular economy is that it mimics the natural cycles in nature. This means that everything has a purpose, and nothing is “wasted.”

It looks like a great idea on paper, but it’s almost unachievable to implement in our current society. However, the zero-waste system is not about being perfect; it is about doing our best to impact the environment positively. So, what zero-waste has to do with the solar panels’ life cycle?


Title: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar in 2021

Keyword: Solar Panels installation

Meta-description: We’ve made it easy for you to decide why you should go solar in 2021. In this blog post, we share 5 benefits of solar panels that will convince you once and for all.

Blurb: Solar Panels installation has continued to increase in Australia in 2020 despite the tough year. According to the Clean Energy Regulator, More than 2,591,865 small-scale PV systems have been installed across the country as of 31 October 2020 (Source: Clean Energy Regulator). This is a remarkable achievement for us, as it shows that we are moving forward in accelerating carbon abatement. We expect a lot of solar panel installation to continue this year; that's why we create this post to convince you once and for all why you should go solar in 2021!


Title: What to Check in an Electrical Inspection Before Buying a Home

Keyword: Electrical Inspection

Meta-description: Learn about the components you should make sure your electrician checks in an electrical inspection before buying a home.

Blurb: An electrical inspection is a thorough checkup of the electrical installation of a house, apartment, or building. Inspecting your house’s electrical connections and wiring can dramatically reduce fire risk and prevent malfunctions that could lead to future costly repairs.

You should know as much as you can before committing to purchase a property. A licensed electrician is crucial to help you detect any faults within the property and make sure the electrical system is up-to-date and performing well.

With that in mind, we’ve selected a few things you should request your electrician to check before buying a new home. It will help you ensure that your new home is up-to-date with the Australian safety standards and ready for purchase.


Title: 3 Things to Have in Mind in Case of a Sudden Electrical Emergency

Keyword: Electrical emergency

Meta-description: Is your electrical system giving you a headache? Or suddenly, your home is the only one in the neighbourhood without power? Don’t panic! Check our blog and discover what to do in case of a sudden electrical emergency. Spoiler alert! - it involves calling a licensed electrician. ;)

Blurb: Sometimes, we just got lost when facing an electrical emergency at home. Especially when we do not have the contact of a licensed electrical contractor at hand, in this blog post, we share 3 pieces of advice you should remember when experiencing a sudden electrical issue.


Title: 5 Cool Perks About Solar Panels You Should’ve Already Known in 2019

Keyword: Solar Panels

Meta-description: 2019 is here, and if you’re still in doubt about why you should install solar panels for your home, wonder no more! Discover 5 benefits of solar panels that will convince you to go solar this year.

Blurb: 2018 was a hot year for solar. According to the Clean Energy Council, the number of Australian homes with rooftop solar reached 2 million. It means that more and more Aussies are enjoying the benefits of renewable energy. This is a remarkable achievement for us, as it shows that we are moving forward in accelerating carbon abatement. We expect many solar panel installations to continue this year; that's why we create this post to share the 5 cool perks about solar to convince you once and for all!



Title: Should I Inspect my Solar Panels?

Goal: We created the solar inspection quiz to help potential customers understand if it is time to inspect their solar panels. We used the quiz maker - Interact to build the quiz, and based on customers’ answer, the quiz results are:

  • You’re Good! Great job! You seem like a great solar panel owner. There is no need to inspect your panels now. However, if you still feel like you need a safety inspection, contact us! We are happy to help you keep your home safe.

  • Not Yet: Check again in 3 months. You don't need to check your panels right now; an inspection is only necessary if your panels are not performing at their full capacity, or it has been more than a year since you last checked. However, if you still want to be on the safe side, contact us and book your solar inspection.

  • You Should Book a Solar Panel Inspection ASAP! It's time. You should book your solar inspection ASAP! Solar Panels are not dangerous, but it is not perfectly safe either. Few problems might occur, such as:

  • Deterioration of cable insulation over time.

  • Failure of defective components.

  • Components filling with water.

  • Corrosion.

  • Damage from natural disasters.

  • Damage from home renovations.

  • Dodgy installation.

  • DC isolator fires.

This is why you need to do a solar inspection yearly, so you can identify and rectify any problem before it can cause any harm.



Title: Free Solar Panel Estimator

Goal: I created the solar panel estimator to answer people who decided to go solar. Our research shows that most people want to know 3 things: the potential size of the solar system, the roof space needed, and how long it will take to pay for the system itself, in other words, the payback period. The calculator also serves as a filter for qualified leads. The content is targeting people in the consideration stage (Middle-of-Funnel).


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